imagehaus tube vinyl mastering
imagehaus scully westrex tube vinyl mastering

Tube Vinyl Mastering

Fully restored Scully ‘501’ Lathe
Westrex 3DIIa Cutter Re-Engineered by Len Horowitz
Extensively modified Westrex RA-1574E Tube Cutting Amps
Scully Variable Pitch Control
Scully Variable Depth Control
DAW: Custom Quad-Core Windows 8.1 running Nuendo
Processing: UAD, Waves
D/A: Focusrite REDNet System
Monitors: Genelec HT208B, Tannoy Monitor Golds ca. 1971 with TAD 1601 dual subs in custom cabinets.
Tannoys have custom Focus crossovers/phase compensation networks. Crestron PRO2 System Controller

Lacquer Master Pricing
Item Cost
7" $120/side
10" $150/side
12" $175/side

Above prices include project setup, audio conforming and the master lacquer. A Ref Dub is strongly suggested. Shipping will be at actual cost plus $15.00 for the special Apollo Masters shipping box.

Ref Dubs/Dubplates
Item Cost
7" One Side $25
7" Two Sides $30
10" One Side $35
10" Two Sides $40
12" One Side $40
12" Two Sides $45

Shipping will be at actual cost plus $5.00 for mailer. Sleeves are vinyl lined white paper, supplied with each disk.

In all cases, payment must be received before shipping.

The mastering system combines a 1950 Scully 501 Lathe with Scully variable pitch/depth control, modified Westrex 1574D amplifiers, Westrex 3DIIa head, custom Crestron system control with full-parameter MIDI automation, driven by a DAW running Nuendo. All cutting parameters are stored in your audio project file, thus facilitating re-ordering of masters or dubs should the need arise.

Audio Editing/Mastering is available at the rate of $75/hour. I will send you an answer file before cutting, to get your comments. Please note that a small amount of ‘light’ mastering may occur (at no charge) during the setup process. Suggested file formats are: 24/96 or 24/192 wave. 16/44 and 16/48 are supported as well. MP3’s or any compressed media are discouraged, but if necessary the highest possible quality settings are strongly advised. In creating your master file, please don’t normalize above -6 dB peaks. For file transfer, I like to use WeTransfer, but any free file sharing service is fine. You may also ship hard media via any common carrier.

Please contact me to get a quote, at that time I’ll gladly address all your questions and concerns. The more I know about your project, the better I will be able to serve you!

imagehaus scully westrex tube vinyl mastering


Scully Westrex Tube Vinyl Mastering. Southern California/International.

Phone: 909 589 2305

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Chapter Music, Australia:
"EJ Emmons' mastering work on the Smokey reissue is some of the finest I've ever heard. He worked from a variety of sources - multi track master tapes, 2 inch reel to reel masters and even old cassettes, to produce something that is so full of life, so distinct and clear but also so punchy and powerful. I couldn't believe my ears!"

Ryan Fitz, Ontario, Canada:
"Amazing company. EJ is a classy businessman who understands the needs of his customers and puts everything he can into getting something they are satisfied with. I had lathe cuts done through him, and they almost sound better than pressed vinyl. I will be back for more orders, and I highly recommend his services."

Echo Record's President, C.A. Temple, USA:
"Recently, we had pressed a standard 10" 78 RPM record through the facilities of Rainbo Records in California. The pressing was beautifully produced, and the surface was smooth as satin. BUT--a beautifully printed label and professionally pressed record means nothing unless the content pressed INTO the vinyl is worthwhile! THAT...was where the efforts of E.J. Emmons came in. He took our source material, and, after some very fine editing and "clean-up", produced a LOVELY sound...capped-off by top-notch lacquer cutting! The result..? A PERFECT "First Edition" of Echo Records' Issue No. 1.